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Hello world!

First off, a bit of background about the title of my blog.  God’s Playground is “one of several possible English translations of an old Polish phrase, Boze Igrzysko” (God’s Playground, A History of Poland, Volume 1: The Origins to 1795 by Norman Davies, p. xv).  While not actually being born in Poland, I’m about as Polish as one can get.  Both sides of my family are from the same area in Poland and immigrated in the 1880’s.  At any and all family gatherings homemade food played a major part, hence a lifelong interest in food.  Growing up watching cooking shows on PBS really didn’t help the situation a whole lot.

The goal of this blog is to chronicle my various adventures / experiments with food.  I am planning on attending culinary schools here in the Twin Cities next fall.  (I still have to go through the admissions process, a project for this winter).  I’m sure other topics will creep in, but like I said, the primary purpose is food.  The initial posts will be sporadic but I will try get into the habit of posting regularly.

So anywho, hello world!

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