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It’s weird, but it’s good. Really.

I love my Grandma.  She’s 93 years old, still lives in the same farm house she has lived in for the last 60-ish years, and she is not afraid to let you know what she thinks.  For example, when I brought Lindsay home to meet my family for the first time, my Grandma commented that “It was about time that I bring someone home.”   Yup, direct quote.  One of the other reasons that I love my Grandma is because she is one of my inspirations of what food can taste like and the joy that it can bring.

One thing that I grew up on is headcheese.  Whenever I tell people that this is one of my favorite foods, I always get one of two reactions.  The first option is “Uh, what is that?”, and the second is “Really?  People actually eat that???”  First, headcheese is a terrine made with the meat off of a pig’s head.  This is a fancy way of saying that it is meat suspended in flavorless gelatin.  Sounds good, right?  To answer the second question, I have only found one person outside of my family that likes it.  Narren grew up eating it as well, and I want to thank him for making my family look normal.  But yes, people do eat this.

I’ve always eaten it with a little bit of ground pepper on top and a splash of white vinegar.  It tastes just like a pork chop that is served cold.  I think it’s a texture thing with most people who actually try it.  I really don’t understand it because I can’t think of a single person out there who doesn’t like jello.  I’m sure that they are out there, but I don’t know any of them.  I’m not judging, I’m just saying I don’t get it.

This has been a very long route to what I wanted to get at:  My Grandma made headcheese!!!

So, so good.

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