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While Lindsay Is Away . . .

. . . Terry will cook stuff that will take a couple of years off his life expectancy.

A while back Lindsay and one of her classmates went to a Theological Conference in San Fran.  I was left to my own devices for a long weekend.  Since it was snowing outside, I wanted some comfort food.  So I did what came natural in the kitchen.  Meat and Taters!

View out of our living room window.


This is my fall back recipe for anytime that I do hamburgers.  I originally got the recipe from my friend Karen, hence in my head they will be forever known as Karen Burgers.  I have changed the recipe slightly from what she showed me, namely I removed the BBQ sauce from the mix, but other than that, this is how I remember her cooking them.


    1 lb of Hamburger
    ~3/4 C of chopped Onions
    2 generous Tbs of Dark Brown Sugar
    2 Tbs Worchestire Sauce


Mix the ingredients together in a medium bowl.  I usually make four patties.  And fry them to desired doneness.

Everybody into the pool!

Yup.  Pretty straight forward.  Because I was only cooking for myself, I decided just to make one giant patty.  Digging around in the freezer I found some frozen hash-browns that looked like it would go well with the burger.

You are looking at two pounds of food!

Don’t worry.  I did spread it out over several meals.

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