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Chicken Kiev v0.5

As promised, I took another stab at doing the chicken kiev.  This time I made it for my folks over Thanksgiving.  I even made some for Grandma, but I’ll get to that in a bit.  I took some extra care when I was butterflying and pounding out the chicken breasts and it worked out much better.  Also, I used a gallon baggie instead of plastic wrap,  which was an amazing difference in the ease of the whole process.  I finally got the seasoning right, so they didn’t taste like a salt lick.  They still leaked all over the pan, but I didn’t care because they tasted great.  The breasts that I picked up were still attached to the breast bone and ribs so I had to do some minor butchering to get them ready.  In the process I ended up with a large and small muscle from each breast.  After trying to figure out what to do with the small ones, I eventually came to the “what the hell, I’ll give it a shot” idea of making mini-kiev’s.  They ended up being slightly larger than a jalapeño popper.  This solved my problem of what to give to Grandma.  She really doesn’t eat large meals anymore, plus she has never liked leftovers, so my logic was that she could microwave a couple and keep the rest in the freezer for later.  Yeah.  They never made it to the freezer.  She had a meal of them and less than a week later, she finished them off.

Objects in image are smaller than they appear.

Not very seriously, but I am tossing ideas around as how to make these quicker and easier because I would like to get them into our regular supper rotation.  I may just end up making a crap load over one weekend and freezing them uncooked to be pulled out on short notice.  I’ve also given some thought to the idea of cutting a cavity to stuff thereby bypassing the butterfly / pound / roll steps.  Whatever I decide, I’m sure I’ll post it here.

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