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Another year and another Czeck Fest Christmas.

Note:  This post is mostly just ramblings/reflections about my family, so feel free to skip it if you want.

Every year, Dad’s side gets together roughly a week after the new year’s to celebrate Christmas.  Dad is one of nine kids, so coordinating any reunions can be a bit tricky.  Quite a while back, they decided that non-holiday days would work out best.  When I was very young and Grandma Rose was still living on the farm, everyone would gather there for everything.  Now a days, the only time all of the Czecks gather at the farm is for the mass that is said every year for our deceased relatives.  When Grandma moved to Royalton, all of our gatherings moved with her and took place in the social room in her apartment building.  Then when she moved to assisted living, we started going to a diner in Rice.  We’ve kept going there even after she passed (except for one Christmas where we went to my aunt & uncle’s).  Sunday, we went for another Czeck Fest Reunion.

At one point I was looking around the room and mentally going over what each of my cousins, aunts, and uncles did for a living.  This was prompted by my cousin Jon bringing his girlfriend to her first family gathering.  Several of my uncles have owned grocery stores, one was high up in the meat department in a fairly large local grocery chain, and my dad took over the family farm.  A large percentage of this generation hunt, fish or both.  I have over thirty first-cousins, and I fall somewhere near the lower third in age, so there are quite a few that I barely know, much less could recognize on the street.  So this is a compilation of those that I do know what they do.  A decent portion of this generation is also involved in food in some fashion.  At least one (possibly two) of my cousins work for a food wholesaler, one owns three locally well-known high-end candy stores (http://www.thechocolateox.com/),  her brother is a sous chef out in Michigan at a five star restaurant (which I just found out he was a chef),  one of her other brothers owns a butcher shop (http://anokameats.com/), one is currently studying food science, and my little sis is taking over from dad.  A smaller, but not insignificant, portion of my cousins hunt and/or fish.  This isn’t even counting all of the cooking, smoking, sausage making, etc., that they do for fun.

All of this came as  a little bit of a shock to me for several reasons.  First, never really thought about it because it’s just what every one did.  More importantly, I never added it up in this type of category.  Although it should come as no surprise.  About six years ago, one of my distant cousins (from a different branch) compiled a genealogy of the Czecks dating back to Andreas Czech (b. 1724) in Silesia, Prussia.  I’m the 8th generation in this patrilineal line.  All of these men were either butchers or farmers.  Guess it’s in the blood.

I think that’s enough rambling for now.  As a visual treat, because I won’t share the candy, I’ll leave you with a picture of some candy that Loriese handed out.

Spendy, but it really is a party in your mouth.

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