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Jamaica, honeymoon, and one of the best meals I ever ate.

A bit over two years ago we finally went our honeymoon.  It was closer to the fact that we really needed a vacation and decided to call it our honeymoon since we never took one.  Some of the reasons we were putting it off was because of Lindz was busy with school, I was busy with work, and we really didn’t have the money to spare for it.  Finally, one day we decided that all of those reasons were stupid and just went for it.  This was definitely the best choice because we had a blast.  We found a decent deal on an all-inclusive Couples resort in Jamaica, specifically the Tower Isle location.  All food and drinks were included plus there were no kids allowed!  And if you know anything about Minnesota winters, you will understand why we decided to go in January.  As you can see it’s a bit different:

The view out our balcony looking down on "our spot".

We basically spent all of our time in those lounge chairs reading and drinking and eating.  You can’t see it in the picture, but there is a swim-up bar at the right end of the pool that we definitely took advantage of.  Down in Jamaica we discovered a drink called a Miami Vice.  It was half pina colada mix, half daiquiri mix, half rum, and a bit of pineapple just to make you feel better about getting completely sloshed in the middle of the day during your vacation on a Caribbean island.

You can't see the rum, but trust me, it's there.

A plate of jerked happiness.

There were several eateries on the resort and one that we usually did lunch at was a scaled up hamburger stand.  Besides burgers, they served a handful of other items.  Of those other items, my favorite was the jerked chicken.  Not too spicy and full of flavor.  I’m not sure if it was because it was easier or if it was in keeping with the island style of cutting up the chicken, but it was very rustic cuts.  By that I mean they took a cleaver and hacked the bird into portion sized pieces instead of separating out the thigh, breast, etc. like we do in the States.  For me this was a plus because I’ve always been a fan of rustic cuisine.  They had the usual suspects as far as condiments sitting on each table:  ketchup, steak sauce, hot sauce, and my new personal favorite, the local Gray’s Spicy Sauce.  I had never had anything like this before.  It was a little spicy but amazingly well-rounded in flavor.  The best way that I can describe it is that it tasted like a spicy version of Worchestire sauce with a little bit of A1 thrown in the mix.  Lindz will attest to the fact that I used it on everything.  The chicken, burgers, fries, oh it went great with the fries, and anything else that was on my plate and with the bottle in reach.  Yes, I am completely infatuated with the stuff.

The holy of holy's of condiments: Grays Spicy Sauce.

One of the other restaurants that we went to was one that featured asian cuisine.  It was situated out on a couple of small piers that had pagoda-like structures for seating.  The food was good, the setting was amazing because you were right on the sea, but the lighting was terrible.  We could barely see what we were eating.  Which I am realizing is a huge pet peeve of mine.  That place also would have benefited if they had pulled a table or two out of each pagoda and had a little more elbow room.

The place we ate most often was at the buffet.  It was open for breakfast and supper every night.  This is going to sound strange but it was easily the second best out of the four major restaurants on the resort.  There was a wide variety of food, they switched up the options at every meal, and most of all, it was really good.  This is where I had osso bucco for the first time.  When was the last time that you saw ox tail on a buffet?  I honestly can’t remember all of the different dishes that they had out on all of the nights, plus the salad bar and the piles of fruit available.

The best place that we ate at was the French restaurant.  It was basically on a whim that I ordered the deconstructed beef wellington.  Normally, I am not a fan of anything deconstructed.  I think it is an excuse for chefs to be lazy and charge more for a dish.  This meal was the exception to the rule.  I know a lot of people will describe this or that meat and how it is “melt in your mouth” tender.  Rubbish.  The beef wellington that I had was truly melt in your mouth.  I have never before experienced anything that succulent and flavorful before or even since.  Lindsay had something else, but being the loving husband that I am, I gave her a bite of mine.  Of course, I then had to fight her off until I was able to finish off my plate.  If we weren’t in such a nice setting, I would have licked my plate clean.  As it was, it took all of my restraint not to even in a shirt and tie restaurant.

I would recommend going (especially during the off-season), but I am going to throw in a couple of clarifiers.  We did none of the touristy things the resort had to offer.  No day trips (found out later that they were huge tourist traps), no catamaran tours, no paddle boats, no nude beach (did I forget to mention the little island in the top picture is clothing optional?), and none of the other activities either.  We sat, read, drank, ate, and just generally relaxed.  This is our idea of fun though.

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