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Roasted Marrow, Part 2

As promised, I had a second go around on roasting some bone marrow.

The lucky volunteers for this blogging experiment.

As previously discussed, I wanted to try frying up rondelles to get a more even cook on the marrow.  Of course that meant that I had to get the marrow out of the bone.  The first problem that I noticed was that I didn’t look closely at the bones when I bought them.  Only one had the marrow running all the way through.  The other two were cut off an end of the bone in such a way that there was  bone completely covering one side.  This basically left me with one bone to work with and the other two to roast as I previously had done.  Which led me to my second problem of how to get the one chunk of marrow out.  I wasn’t about to use my good chef’s knife for obvious reasons.  I didn’t want to use our cleaver because I was legitimately concerned that I would completely destroy it (or me).  I didn’t have anything flat, small, and flexible enough to “cut” out the marrow.  Which led me to my toolbox.

Relax. I used new and clean blades.

The hacksaw had too fine of teeth to do much good.  The coping saw worked much better, but it still involved a lot of sawing.  I noticed when I was cleaning up that I had a blade with more aggressive teeth that would have saved me quite a bit of headache.  Oh, well.  Once I had cut completely through the bone, I just used the blade to cut between the marrow and the blade.  Once that was done, the marrow slid out relatively easily.  At this point, I was able to finally slice it into the rondelles.

The marrow put up a bit of a fight, but I won in the end.

Into the frying pan and the oven.  The bones roasted in the oven for about 20 minutes.  The ones in the frying pan were only there for about a minute on each side.

The two on the left are the oven roasted ones. The two on the right are the pan fried ones.

I enjoyed the parsley salad so much from last time that it was a foregone conclusion that I would make it again.

It looks pretty much the same as last time.

Pan frying was a much better option in my opinion because I had much better control over the cooking.  Although I’m not sure that it was worth the work to cut it out.  I couldn’t taste any difference in the flavors between the pan roasting and the oven roasting.  All in all, my opinion about marrow hasn’t changed since my last post on it.  It’s okay, but I would just as soon dip my toast into bacon grease.

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