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The other side of Julia Child

Today would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday.  I’m sure practically every other food blog has some mention of her today, and well, I’m no different.  What peer pressure?  Like most Americans, I grew up watching The French Chef in some form or another.  Julia’s TV career covered almost 40 years so it’s not surprising at how many people count her as a cooking influence.  But what endears her to me goes deeper that just her culinary style and expertise.

That is one seriously huge monkfish.

In addition to being a foodie, I am a history buff as well.  Particularly with the early/mid 20th Century.  And even more specifically, World War II.  So when I found out that Julia worked for the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), my respect for her grew in leaps and bounds.  She mainly worked as a secret researcher, but it was for General William Donovan, the head of the OSS.  In the latter war years, she was stationed in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and China where she dealt with classified communications.  In between those stints, she worked in Emergency Rescue Equipment Section developing shark repellent.  Finally, I should mention that the OSS was the precursor to the CIA.  Yes, Julia Child is that cool.

This is the kitchen that I know and love from my childhood.

The other thing that I love about Julia is that she stood 6′ 1″.  There is really no significance to this other than that I see her as a kindred spirit who has bumped their heads more than is healthy.

How can you not love someone who says things like this?

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