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Twin Cities Polish Festival

Since the weather has been really nice lately (in between some monsoon-style rains), I’ve been trying to come up with some activities to do with the wife.  One that I would like to repeat from last year is the Twin Cities Polish Fest.  Last year was the first time that we had gone and I realized that we were completely missing out on a great time!  We were only there for about an hour and a half, but it was a perfect break in the weekend and a great “date” to go on.  It was a fairly small affair.  I’m guessing that there were a good dozen or so food vendors and at least as many other booths selling anything from knick-knacks to cloths to information.  Plus there were several stages with polka bands playing in a rotation.  I personally think that it was the perfect size.  Not so big that you felt that you needed to rush to see everything.  And not so small that you stood in one spot, glanced around and said, yup, I’m good.

Just to tempt you into going, here are some pictures from last year.

An interesting book giving the “translation” of Polish surnames.  To no surprise on my part, Czeck derives from “someone from Czechoslovakia.”  What I found interesting was Zulawski (Grandma Bert’s last name) means “a marshy, muddy land.”  Not sure what that means for a family of farmers, but like I said, I found it interesting.

The companion volume to the previous book.  Both are helpful if you would like to dip your toe into genealogical research.  More helpful books can be found here.

I really wish I could remember what the name of the place where we bought these perogies.  My first words after taking a bite was “Oh, my God!”  Then Lindz took a bite of hers, and her first words were “Oh, my God!”  They were filled with “meat, potatoes, cheese, and awesomeness” according to Lindz.

A picture of the happy couple.  I think it’s a great picture of me.  Somehow I managed to look constipated and give myself a double chin.

Okay, this has nothing to do with the Polish Fest.  It’s just a really cool fountain that we saw walking from the car to the Fest.

The booty that was purchased at the Polish Fest.  I specifically wanted a T-shirt that said Polska on it, and I not only managed to find one, but it also had the Polish coat of arms on it!  The cookbook was a gift for Mom’s birthday.  I later found a used copy for myself.  The bottom middle item is a spicy hot mustard that is Minnesota made!  In fact, it is from Rice, a town that is only 20 miles away from Mom and Dad.  The company is called Uncle Pete’s Mustard, and you should check them out.  The last item is a spoon rest that was hand painted in Poland and ended up under the Christmas tree for Mom.

And finally, the Tatra sheepdog.  It is a breed that originated in southern Poland (the Tatra region of the Carpathian mountains) and has been historically used to herd sheep.  A lot of “well, duh” in that last sentence.  They are not that common in Poland and even less so everywhere else in the world.  Which naturally means that if you want a puppy, you are going to be paying a premium for it.  Really sweet dogs though.

I’m planning on sending out an invite to the family to see if we can get a group to go this year.