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RI: Shady Harbor

While staying at the beach house, we pretty much took it easy and really didn’t wander around too much.  But we did get around the neighborhood a little bit.  The very first day we were there, three of us went out for a spin around the salt pond.  Dave took the kayak, and Matt and I took the canoe.

Growing up in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you would think that I would be a decent swimmer. Nope. I swim about as well as a rock. Hence, the life vest.

Except for the salt water, this could be any number of lakes that I’ve fished as a kid. Beautiful view.

One morning during the week, Matt made us breakfast sandwiches.  They were way better than any I’ve had at a restaurant.  Boy’s got some skills.

Yes, I scarfed down half the sandwich before it occurred to me to take the picture. Yes, I’m aware that I’m having a Coke with breakfast, and yes, I know that it’s bad for me.

On our final full day there, it was my last chance to take a walk around the neighborhood.  Dave had taken off early that morning to get his car emissions tested for NY and to spend a little time with his family.  So Matt, Janessa, Lindz, and I took a walk around.  Other than the lilies, I have no idea what most of these flowers are, I just know that they are pretty and I wanted a picture of them.

This one I’m calling the “pretty little purple one.”

Like I said, I know the lilies.

This is “the little blue rimmed ones.”

Another lily. There were a lot of them around.  As a side note, I was playing around with the depth of field on this picture.  I think it turned out great.

A nice bunch of red roses.  Mom would be envious.

“The pretty purple ones all in a row.” Again, playing around with the camera on this picture.

This one I’ve dubbed “the big lavender ones.” I love the blue sky in the background here. It really makes the flower stand out.
I’ve just been informed by Dave that these are Ragusas, a.k.a. Beach Roses

This one is “by far my favorite.” I don’t know how they bred this color in a lily, but I love it.

Oh, I really should show you a picture standing on the beach right by the house.

One of the features on my new toy lets me take panoramic shots. Have I mentioned how much I love it? Especially how much I love Lindz for figuring out how to pay for it?

Poached Egg Salad

I know I dropped the huge teasers of a Rhode Island trip and a new camera.  But I’ve been busy with work and making trips up north to make sure Grandma doesn’t go too stir-crazy in the nursing home.  In the near future, I’m going to be posting some short blurbs just to keep up the habit, and to shorten my queue.  So you’ll have to deal with crappy photos and short rambles.  Meh, such is life.

A while back I made myself and Lindz a salad with poached eggs on it.  I really enjoyed the combination.  So when I had some leftover stuff for a salad and I wanted a snack after work, it seemed like a good time to recreate it.

All that went into the salad was lettuce, sliced almonds, an Asian Sesame dressing, and a poached egg on top.  For as simplistic as the ingredients were, it was a very satisfying salad.  If you have a Rainbow Foods (grocery store) near you, I highly recommend getting the Roundy’s dressing (it’s the store brand).

It was a great game. As long as you weren’t a Twins fan.

On the 24th, a group of us went to the Twins v. Red Sox game.  I’ll say the painful part first.  The Twins lost 11-2.  They were already losing at the fifth pitch.  Yeah, you read that right.  Fifth pitch.  The first batter up (Mike Aviles) got a double off of the third pitch and makes it home when Ryan Sweeney hit a single off of his second pitch.  After that the game just went into a downward spiral.  But, hey, we were at Target Field watching baseball!  If you do get a chance, watch a game there, it’s worth it.  One of the promo things they were saying while they were building it was that there was “not going to be a bad seat in the whole stadium.”  I have to say that I completely agree with it.  Granted, I’ve only been to two games, but it still holds true with everyone else that I’ve talked to about it.  The first time we were in the lower deck past third.  A bit more expensive of a seat, but a great view.  This last time we were in the nosebleed section, i.e. upper deck.  Again off third base.  Even though you almost got vertigo looking down, you could see everything easily.  Even across the whole ballpark to right field.  Twenty-ish years ago when I went and saw the Twinkies play in the Metrodome (a.k.a. The Big Inflatable Toilet (thank you 93X)), I was in the nosebleed section too.  You practically needed binoculars just to see the near end of the field.  So yes, the new stadium is an exponentially better experience.  Plus there is the food and beer.

Looking down from our seats. Objects in the photo are much closer than they appear. In other words, a pretty decent view of the field.


From left to right: the jumbo-tron, Minnie and Paul shaking hands, Minneapolis skyline, and some building with the Target dog on it.

I don’t remember what they call them now, but they used to be the Dome-dogs. The one with all of the crap on it is mine. The other one is Lindsay’s. Duh.

And it comes with a bag of chips complete with the Twins logo. That’s extra, you know.

Lindz in her kid-sized jersey that was half the price and fit better than the woman’s version. That’s Dave in his jersey in the background. There will be posts featuring him in the future, whether he likes it or not.

But more importantly, Lindz is holding my beer. A very nice Surly Belgian White.

Nachos. Need I say more?

Finally, there were the peanuts. Strangely, this was the most satisfying food I had that game.







So unbelievably easy I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before.

So we ended up a whole jar of olives from a care package for Martha.  BTW, she is doing really well.  She is starting to ween herself off of the crutches.  Mainly just around the apartment, but it is a start.  Like I was saying, we had this entire jar of olives that I didn’t know what to do with.  Then it occurred to me that I had all of the things around to make a tapenade.  Ted Allen to the rescue!  Some time ago I picked up his book The Food You Want To Eat.  I haven’t done many recipes out of it, but the ones that I have tried were all really good.  So it made sense that this was where I looked first for a tapenade recipe.  Lo and behold, Ted came through for me with style!


  • 1 pint Green Olives; pitted and not stuffed
  • 1 Garlic clove (I used 3)
  • 2 tsp Anchovy Paste (I used about 3 fillets)
  • 2 tsp Capers (I used a Tbs)
  • Grated zest of 1 Lemon (didn’t have, so I used about 2 tsp of lemon juice)
  • Grated zest of 1 Orange – optional (didn’t have, so didn’t use)
  • 5 Tbs Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Combine everything in a food processor and pulse until a rough paste.

I used my crappy blender because I don't have a food processor. Hence the less than stellar physical appearance.


Like I said, this recipe is pathetically easy and tastes unbelievably good.  In fact, after making this on my own, I’m a little pissed that I’ve spent so much money at restaurants and stores to get my tapenade fix.

The Halloween Spread

Lindsay and I had some people over last Saturday for some food, drink, and some scary movies.  The grub wasn’t all that special, but it was well received.  In other words a bit of everything was eaten and everyone walked away full.

Good ol' comfort food.

We ended up talking half the night and only watched one movie: The Rite.  Naturally since it was a bunch of Seminary students, both the talk and the movie had a theological bend.

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