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Brunch at Longfellow Grill

A friend of ours was up in the Cities from Iowa.  So a bunch of us got together at the Longfellow Grill on Lake St.

Szechwan Beef Salad

I had the Szechwan Beef Salad.  It had beef strips, greens, carrots, fried wonton strips, sesame seeds, and a sweet peanut sauce.  On the side was served a piece of cornbread.  Longfellows definitely earned bonus points for having chopsticks with the salad when they brought it out.  Yes, I used them to eat it too.  The beef was tender and very flavorful.  The greens were fresh but the salad was overdressed.  I liked the dressing but it got really sweet towards the end.  I liked the fried wontons in place of croutons, it fit with the theme of the salad.  The cornbread stole the show though.  It was moist.  I cannot stress that enough, it was borderline dripping.  It tasted like one of the main ingredients was creamed corn.  Not the canned stuff either.  I’m talking the stuff that is made by some hillbilly’s great-grandmother in the backwoods of the South and then smuggled over the Mason-Dixon line and sold to the highest bidder on the black market type of creamed corn.  Yeah.  It was that good.

Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and a fruit compote

Lindz had the biscuits and gravy. This choice surprised no one.  Pretty much by default, she always gets biscuits and gravy no matter where we go.  I would venture that it is her favorite dish.  I didn’t try any of it because I was still trying to finish off my own plate.  You can’t tell from the pictures, but the servings were very large.  Okay, I’m going to qualify that a bit.  The servings didn’t look large when they were sitting in front of you, but you noticed it after eating for ten minutes straight and not being able to see any difference in the quantity of the food still in front of you.

As with most of the places I write about here, if you get the chance you should go and eat there.  You will be happier person afterwards.  Probably will want to slip into a food coma, but happier nonetheless.

Camping Weekend and Catching the Decorah Bug

Last weekend, Lindz, Dave (told you he’d be showing up), and I went down to Iowa for a camping weekend.  We went to our usual haunt on the Upper Iowa river next to Randy’s Bluffton Store in, well, Bluffton, IA.  Lindz and I have been camping here for quite a few years with different friends and occasionally even by ourselves.  This was Dave’s first trip to northeast Iowa.  He had heard quite a bit about life there from me, Lindz, and Martha (who also went to Luther College).  While he didn’t get to spend much time in Decorah proper, he did greatly enjoy camping north of town.  He said so himself.  And the way he described it was that he caught the “Decorah Bug.”

We did not do anything terribly exciting.  Sat around, watched the fire, BS’ed, and just generally relaxed.  My personal highlight was sitting next to the fire, having a bloody mary, smoking a cigar, and reading some back issues of Cook’s Illustrated.  Basically, it was an indulgence to all of my vices at once.

Here are some images just to make you jealous of the R&R the three of us desperately needed and fortunately got.

Our freaking massive tent that I can actually stand up in.

The bluffs and the Upper Iowa.

A good river to canoe/tube/kayak on if you don’t mind bottoming out regularly on the rocky bottom.

When we go camping we tend to keep the meals pretty simple because everything just seems to taste better cooked over a campfire.  We do a really basic breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Throughout the day we just tend to snack when we get hungry and then make Hobo Dinners for supper one night.  On half of a sheet of tin foil, put in some burger and veggies of your choice and whatever you would like for seasoning.  Fold it over and roll the edges to seal it up and then put on another layer of tin foil (less likely to puncture and have everything fall out).  Make as many packets as you have meat/veggies.  Put the packet on a grate or on some cooler coals to cook.  Ours always puffs up like Jiffy Pop from the steam inside.  That is how I know that it is hot enough.  If you put in potatoes, cut them fairly small because they are usually the last thing to fully cook.  This last batch that I made included hamburger, onions, carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, garlic salt, and some steak rub.  I ended up cooking each packet for about 8 minutes per side.  Obviously, pick and choose whatever you want to throw in here and season to your preferences.

Somehow I even managed to get grill marks inside this packet.

By no means you need to keep things this simplistic.  One time we camped next to a middle aged Marine who had an easy half dozen dutch ovens that he cooked in.  He didn’t make these while we were there but he said he did chicken cordon bleu and peach cobbler once.  He was kind enough to give Lindsay a plate of homemade biscuits and gravy one morning.  Completely made her weekend.  For that he has my respect (as if serving our country wasn’t enough) and to him I say: Semper Fidelis.