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Brunch with Friends

It’s like the game Words with Friends except that they have nothing in common.

This past summer, Lindz and I, met up with some friends (Jess, Jay, and little Penny) in Rochester.  We decided to go get the Sunday brunch at Chester’s and catch up on life.  I’ve never eaten there before and based on Jess and Jay’s recommendations, I went with the Prime Rib Hash.

Now this is what I call a proper brunch dish.

Like any proper hash, it consists of potatoes, veggies, eggs, and meat.  What Chester’s does is step everything up a notch.  They use fresh veggies, a nice cut of meat (prime rib), they poach the eggs, and top everything with a hollandaise sauce.  Plus two pieces of multi-grain toast.  Yes, it was as tasty as it looks.

I didn’t get pictures of the other items ordered (I know, shame on me).  But I’ll give you a brief description of each.  Jess ordered the prime rib hash like I did, so nothing more on that.  Jay ordered huevos rancheros with poached eggs.  It contained refried beans, chorizo, salsa, queso fresca, and of course, some toast.  He said it was pretty decent, but I got the impression that in the back of his mind, he was figuring out how to make it better.  The curse of being a chef.  I thought Lindz got biscuits and gravy, but I’m not finding it on the menu.  So, I guess I’ll just leave what she ate as a mystery.  I do remember her saying that it was good.

Putting everyone’s responses together, the review of Chester’s is that it is a good place to eat.  The food is definitely above average, but there is room for improvement.  Granted that is nit-picking the recipes tied in with the fact that we didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it either.  Making a short review even longer, I recommend going there.  It had a nice relaxed atmosphere with good, quality food.

A Cresco Weekend.

Last weekend, Lindz and I went to visit friends down in Iowa.  We stayed at our friend Narren’s place in Cresco, which is around twenty miles from Decorah (our adopted hometown).  On Saturday we spent the afternoon bumming around in Decorah and ate at one of my favorite places.  T-Bock’s sports bar has been a frequent haunt of mine.  It was a block from work plus they have good food at a cheap price.  Can’t lose with that combination.  The basket that I want to single out is the peanut butter cheeseburger.  I know it sounds really odd, but it is worth a try.  The nuttiness of the peanuts pairs really well with the beef patty.  It’s not that odd if you think about it.  Remember the last time that you had beef satay?  Basically the burger is a less spicy version of the same thing.  Funny, but I’ve been eating these burgers for years and have never made that connection till now.

Narren had the Feta Burger. A very good option.

I had they gyro. Completely pre-packaged, but tasty.

Lindz had the famous Peanut Butter Cheeseburger. A weird combo but the protein overload is worth it.

For supper that night I cooked a pork recipe out of the latest issue of Cook’s Illustrated that will be the subject of my next post because it deserves its own write-up.  Sunday morning, for brunch, we went to a small Mom and Pop diner called Sue-Z-Q’s.  I’ve eaten there often with Narren and his kids when I’ve visited him, even when I was living in Decorah.  They have the standard fare for this type of eatery, but this time something different caught my eye.  There was a Reuben Haystack.  Essentially a haystack is the same as a hash anywhere else.  So besides the base of potatoes, there was fried corned beef, kraut, Swiss cheese, and a side of 1000 Island.  Of course I had to have a couple over-easy eggs to go with it.  It was a very good combination.  I may have to try and do this one at home sometime.

The only problem is that I didn’t order any toast to sop up everything at the end.