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RI: Point Judith Lighthouse

After we ate at Champlin’s, we took a very short detour on the way home to the Point Judith lighthouse.  After a little confusion about whether we were allowed on the grounds, because it is an active Coast Guard aid for navigation, we walked around for a little bit to work off a bit of our meal.

For some reason, it just doesn’t look 50′ tall to me.

This is actually the third lighthouse to sit on this spot.  The first one (built in 1810) was destroyed by a hurricane in 1815.  The second version was updated, read replaced, in 1856.  And this tower was automated in 1954.

The Coast Guard station.

Being a geek, I found the material testing section as interesting as the rest of the place.  They had a whole slough of different materials mounted on panels that faced the ocean.  I’m assuming that they were testing how they stood up to the sun, surf, wind, saltwater, etc.  You know, the outdoors.

A simple and effective way to test materials. Cheap too!