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Another Visit to the Farm and a Hyper Dog

This is attempt number 5 to get Lucy to sit still long enough for a picture.

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A day away from the Cities

Yesterday I took a much needed break from the Cities.  Unfortunately, Lindz couldn’t come along to Mom & Dad’s because she had to do TA work up at school.  It just ended up being a day trip, but it was worth it.  I know it sounds weird, but there are time I really miss the smells and activities of farm life.  When I finally pulled into the yard, the first one to greet me was the new puppy, Lucy.  She has an interesting story as to how she ended up on the farm.  After the last dog, Blackie, died, Mom was looking for a new farm dog and she wasn’t willing to spend the $100 for a Sheltie or Border Collie pup (her preferred breeds).  My uncle Art (Mom’s brother) really thought Mom should get a Red Heeler, but Mom wasn’t moving fast enough or something.  So as you can guess, Art bought a Heeler puppy for Mom.  That’s how Lucy came along:

Mom holding Lucy because . . .

. . . she normally looks like this.

And just for good measure:

Sara holding Lucy. Yeah, she'll hit me when she sees that I put her picture here.

You can’t see it in the photos, but Lucy has one blue eye and one black eye.  Freaked me out the first time I saw it.

Also, I went to see my Grandma.  If you’ve been paying attention, she’s the one who made the headcheese awhile ago.  She’s doing good.  Though she really, really wants to get out of the house and on her lawn tractor.  Dad needs to change the oil first apparently.  For the last decade or so, she’s had chickens that she’s always referred to as banty’s.  But when I was looking up the spelling, it said that banty’s are a mini version of a larger breed.  So I’m not sure what is going on here.  But her chickens look like Welsummers from what I can tell.

Whatever they are, they are pretty.

And one more picture before I go.  This one is of Art and his buddy, John, dragging one of the fields with Art’s team of horses.

Not the greatest image, but Art is really camera shy.


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