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601 Graves, part II

Here is part 2 of 3 of our little mini-vacation.  As mentioned, this is by far the most swank hotel that I have ever stayed in.  In keeping with that theme, it had the most over-the-top mini-bar that exists.  For example:

This is just the window looking into the fridge.

Open the door to reveal lots more goodies!

And the net worth of the mini-bar just keeps getting higher.

Enough tasty treats to make me debate the hefty price tag that I’m sure is attached.

And yes, that is exactly what you think it is. An “intimacy kit.” I’ll let your imagination fill the contents of the box.

We managed to avoid the temptations of the wonders of the mini-bar.  Although I’m pretty sure our willpower would not have been as resilient if we didn’t just have one of the top three meals of my entire life.  But of course that is coming in another post . . .

(don’t you just hate cliffhangers?)



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601 Graves; part I

Lindz had this brilliant idea of having a little “stay-cation” awhile back.  In order to rationalize it further, we also combined it with celebrating Lindz’ graduation and our anniversary.  Yup, it was going to be an expensive night.  Which is why we combined three celebrations into one big blow out.  The place that Lindz found was 601 Graves in downtown Minneapolis.

Hands down, this was the fanciest place that I have ever stayed.  And not surprisingly, the most expensive.

Part of what you pay for is the view of downtown.

I have no idea what building that is, but I love old architecture.

Big, poofy bed.

Very chic and modern decorating.

The sink may look cool, but it is completely useless. Every time you use it water splashes all over the place.
No, it’s not user error. I know plenty of other people that have the same problem.

And finally, you know you are in a really fancy place when there’s a phone and TV right by the toilet.

All in all, the hotel was a fun experience.  But for the price, I’m not exactly itching to get back anytime soon.

Coming soon in parts II and III:  the most over the top mini-bar that I have ever seen and supper at the hotel’s restaurant, Cosmos.