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Happy (belated) Birthday to Me!

A bit over 3 weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday.  It has been the tradition for the last several years that Lindz and I would go out for sushi.  This birthday had an added bonus, it was my last official day doing construction.  And as an extra special bonus, we hit the happy hour pricing at Osaka!

IMG_20130827_200416_2Spiraling in from the top and going clockwise, I got tuna, red snapper, surf clam, flying fish roe, smoked eel, smoked salmon, and mackerel.  Most of these I’ve had before, but I did find a couple of new things to try.  I never the flying fish roe sashimi before.  It is served in a cucumber cup.  It wasn’t bad, but I prefer the sushi version that is served in a nori cup.  The cucumber muted the flavor of the roe IMHO.  The stand out was the smoked salmon.  It had a nice but not over powering smoked flavor.

As a thank you / going away present, my boss gave me a really beautiful smoker.

IMG950785It was a good day!


I’m Back! (well, kind of)

As promised, it’s September and I’m back to posting.  There will be an explanation coming soon (and a ton of photos) explaining why I’ve had no time/ambition to do much extra curricular activities in the last several months.  But in the meantime, here’s a really kick-ass going away present that I got from my boss.


A brand new smoker!!!!

I’m typing this up in the middle of the inaugural run, so expect a post about this as well.  😀

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