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The Day Job

Haven’t been posting a lot here because the day job has me insanely busy during the summer months.  Also been working on a project that should (hopefully) be done by the end of summer.  Unfortunately, that is all the teaser you’re going to get until it’s done.  But in the mean time, here’s a pic from a day in the life of Terry.



My cut-man decided to go fishing for a week, so I get to play with the partner saw.

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Beers and Dogs

After a really crappy day on the job, the boss-man took us out for beers after work.  He’s nice like that.  We ended up going to Dean’s Tavern on Rice St.  They like to brag about their Cony Dogs, so I figured I would give one a whirl.  It wasn’t bad.  Not the best dog I’ve ever eaten, but like I said, it wasn’t bad. Just not sure how they got their rep.  The plus side is that they served some really good kettle chips with it.

Pairs really well with a Sam Adams